Thursday, January 2, 2014

Resolutions, Moments & Memories!

Happy New Year All!

Hope you all had a fun NYE and are off to a great start in 2014.
Our New Years Eve was a lot of fun. Gaylord hosted an "Around the World" themed event. You got a passport and had to go to 6 different places in town to get a stamp and then at midnight you turned your booklet in and got a paper lantern. They were supposed to do a big lantern sendoff thing but it was too windy so we just got to keep our lanterns. My cousin Carrie and her boyfriend Thad came up and spent the evening with us. I'm sure glad they did or we might have been those people in bed by 10. :) We haven't bar hopped for ages so it was really fun to go from place to place and see old friends.

Did you make resolutions this year? Mine last year didn't go so well so I decided to make them a little easier on myself this year. 
Here they are: 

1. Get Married (that'll be an easy one)
2. Be awesome! 
3. Eat better (notice I didn't necessarily say healthy so it'll be one of those - hmmm I've already had 3 s'mores maybe I shouldn't have another. you know, I'm trying to eat better.)
4. Try new things. (Like maybe I'll have a go at the ski hills this year. yikes!)
5. Don't leave the house with wet hair. I'm a pro at this. As a girl it doesn't seem fair that I have to do my hair, makeup, and figure out what I want to wear. Usually I can get away with 2 out of 3 so that leaves my hair wet and neglected on my head. 
6. Take more pictures. Just for fun. 
7. Write more letters. I've already started this. I love snail mail so hopefully you poor people that I'll be sending letters to do too. 

What about New Years traditions? Anyone have any? Justin and I started a thing a few years ago called the Moments and Memories Jar. It looks like this - 

I realize it looks really odd with Justins hand stuck in it. The photos were sort of an afterthought so I could share it with you guys. What we do is throughout the year we save things like ticket stubs, smooshed pennies, wristbands, and little notes we've written to one another. Then on January 1st we look back at all the little memories we shared during the year. It's really fun because we talk about the times we wrote the notes, silly things that happened here and there, etc. 
Here are a few pictures of some of the things we found in the jar this year. 

a few of the notes we had already pulled and read.

Ohh a geocoin! This was when we first started geacaching. We felt like kings finding this in a cache! 

I remember this moment clearly. I was in the shower in our old apartment and when I looked up there was a massive spider staring down at me. Justin came running and I had to scurry out of the shower so he could kill it. Even after he killed it I made him stay in the bathroom with me to make sure it didn't have any friends. 

When Justin and Ron were in California, Justin sent me flowers. :) He gave it away by calling every 10 minutes to see "if anything interesting had happened yet". 

Even Kelly left a note in the jar! It was folded like a paper airplane. What a neat surprise. And just because I can (and it's on this SD card) here is a pic of Kelly being mysterious at the Mystery Spot. 

These are a few of the other things in there. Parking pass from my birthday camping trip, Flogging Molly concert tickets, Christmas concert tickets, Mac Island ferry tickets, a magnet from a cool coffee shop we found up north, and other fun things. 

After we open and look through everything I seal it up in an envelope and write the year on the front. I think we've decided to wait 10 years and then we will reopen them. That'll be really fun to look back and see how things have changed. 

What do you think? Is it something you'll try? Or do you do your own thing?

Either Jazz was unimpressed or he had a wild New Years Eve too! 


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  1. What a cool idea!! Even us old folks can do this!


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