Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All aboard the blogging train!

Where have I been?

I don't even know. I feel like wedding season is this crazy chaotic amoeba that sweeps into your life and drags you through the next 3 months. Don't get me wrong I LOOOOOVE weddings, and photo boothin', and making cupcakes, and steaming dresses, and editing pictures, and....and.... you get it. But phew! I need a nap! LOL Seriously guys we're only one month in. I need to put my big girl panties on and deal with it.

June was a crazy month tho. We had 3 weddings, the senior all night parts, and my God Daughters baptism. One of these days I'm going to make a compilation of all the pictures Justin and I have taken together in the photo booth. I don't even think I have them all still. That hard drive fills up fast! I will make one of the pics I still have. That'll be fun.....and time consuming....

We have also taken on a very ambitious diet & work out program. It's a 12 week program to get our butts in gear and start losing some weight for the wedding. You know there is only 346 days left! LOL The only thing I'm bummed about is that I finally got a box of chocolate peanut butter pop tarts and now they have to wait.

We found out about this plan from our friends Dan & Kristen. They both had really good success with it and we hope to do the same.

It starts with clean and healthy eating. No more post bar trips to T-Bell. No more late night peanut butter pop tarts ( :(!!! ) just things cooked fresh.
This is our meal plan:
It seems like so much food to have to eat but when you break it down it's all healthy and filled with protein. Oh, LOL I just noticed that I wrote "turkey balls". Technically they are called turkey muffins, but they are basically just meatballs made with lean ground turkey, oats, spices, celery and onions. I also don't do egg whites. Which is why I have the choice of either 5 egg whites or 1 egg. The first day I tried to go all out and have all sorts of protein filled meals & mini-meals. I didn't even make it to lunch before I was stuffed. So today I tweaked a bit. I had 1 scrambled egg on 1 slice of Ezekiel Bread and some apple slices for lunch. A protein shake for mid-morning. I'll have a small chicken breast (4 oz) and some rice for lunch and a Greek yogurt for mid-afternoon. 

These are the small meal options that you can substitute instead of having turkey balls everyday. The nice thing is, is that veggies are free. I can have as many as I want, whenever I want. 
We made carrot cake protein bars & they are delicious! I didn't take them away from Justin, his meal plan did. :) More for me! 

These are the starch options for when you're filling in here and there. 

The best part about this plan is that I can make everything ahead of time. Monday night Justin and I spent about 2 hours in the kitchen making rice, pasta, & turkey muffins. I made some protein bars & we baked about 5# of chicken breast. After that all we had to do was assemble it all.
Everything is portioned out and ready to grab. Now that's my kind of kitchen!
This is our refrigerator now. I don't know why it's sideways. It must be trying to make a run for it lol. (Man! I'm cheesy! oops there I go again, lettuce stop this nonsense)

As you can see everything is already done for this week. No more having to buy lunch, no more drivethru at the end of the day. Just 2 minutes in the microwave and we're good! 

Along with the meal plan there is also a work out plan. We haven't started that yet but we will! If you would like to see more of that go -

>Find a Plan
>Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer
>Get Started Now
>Phase 1 

Seriously it's that easy. Bonus: No cardio for the first 4 weeks. The plan is to get your metabolism up and running, build some muscle to help burn calories & then shed the pounds. Sounds good to me. 

I am absolutely NOT going to tell you our start weights but I will keep you up to date on the progress that happens. 
I can say that I am up 45 pounds since Justin and I started dating. And he is up almost 65 pounds. (My guess is that his ex didn't make as many cupcakes as I do! hehehe). 
So here we go! Fit life. and egg whites blech! 

I also wanted to share a few pictures from Rileys baptism. She's such a doll!! 

 This was on our way to the church. The gown she was wearing is made out of her great grandmothers wedding dress. Each of the Caras kids (Dave, Lisa, Nick & now Riley) were baptised in it. How precious! 
She's not really sure what's going on here. 

During the service. Riley was not too sure about having water dumped on her head! 

Being baptised is a lot of work! 

The Caras family :)  

On the way home. All tuckered out. 

In her party outfit. :) 
Seriously! Look at that face!! 

Couldn't help but add this one. I'm one proud God Mother!

Well there ya have it. Life & All. 


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  1. UGH weightloss :( im in the same boat at the moment :( why can't it be just as easy to loose weight as it is to gain it?!


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